Become the Successful Coach
You Are Meant To Be

Your step-by-step coaching e-book to create your ideal coaching career or business

 Your first step into coaching…

You love helping others… and you’ve been coaching all your life. Drawing wisdom from your personal and professional experience, a myriad of books and workshops you are the one others trust for your advice and capacity to truly listen. And that’s why you’re exploring coaching… but you’ve got questions and concerns…

  • You’re ready to be coach but not sure what your next step is?
  • You’re overwhelmed by all of the coach training options
  • You don’t want to waste your time or money doing something that won’t earn you the money you need
  • You’d like to figure out what kind of coach you want to be before you start your training
  • You’d like to feel confident that you are making the best choice for you and your future…

Let me help!

Whether you’re brand new to coaching or already on the path, you’re in the right place. This how-to coaching book answers that inner-voice that needs to know you are making the right decision for you and your future!


Get started today!

Learn how you can translate your current skills, wisdom and passions into a successful, deeply rewarding coaching career or business.

This digital 300+ page insider’s guide places you on the fast track to successfully train and certify as a professional Whole Person Coach®.

Available for the first time outside the classroom, here’s the ultimate coaching book to help you navigate becoming a successful coach…

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Hi, I’m Feroshia Knight, world-renowned ICF Master Certified Coach, founder of Coach Training World, and creator of Whole Person Coaching. Drawing from three decades of coaching and entrepreneurial experience I wrote Coach Transform & Prosper: Become the Successful Coach You are Meant to Be to give you a rare insider’s view into the world of professional coaching.

Filled with data on today’s hottest trends and segments, personal success stories and wisdom, and proven best practices to grow your business, this is the ultimate guide to holistic coaching you’ve been searching for.

Why should you read this coaching book?

When I began my journey into coaching,  I had no clue how to successfully transition into coaching. Back then, the field of professional coaching was not nearly as expansive as it is today, and there were limited resources for me to turn to. At the time, I wished there was a self-starter, comprehensive guide to get me on the fast-track toward choosing the right training, finding my ideal clientele and getting paid what I was worth. And that’s exactly what I’ve created for you!


How you can become a coach

I’d like to share my knowledge and steps to success with you. Let my lessons learned be that inner edge that propels you to the level of impact and income you’d like to making your difference.

It is with great joy that I launch this in-depth guide and share the blueprint that has led to my great success as a professional coach and global speaker.

Feroshia Knight in Russia Speaking at ICF Conference

Become the Successful Coach You are Meant to Be will help you:


  • Leverage your unique experience, expertise, and interests into a career you’ll love
  • Identify your purpose in reaching the people and causes that matter most to you
  • Discover the professional coaching method that is right for you
  • Increase your impact as a coach in tandem with your income
  • Gain the tools of my proprietary methodology, Whole Person Coaching, used by thousands of coaches around the world
  • Successfully earn your ICF credential and leverage it to gain clients and high-ranking positions within innovative companies
  • Follow my step-by-step approach to achieve your goals and help your clients achieve theirs as well
  • Learn the pitfalls to avoid so costly, time-consuming mistakes won’t slow your business growth
  • Customize these transformational techniques into your chosen niche so you can stand out in a crowded marketplace

Hear from others like you who used this book to get on the
fast-track to coaching success

“A book for a wide range of readers. Ideal for those who are thinking of changing careers and are pondering on becoming a coach…this is an inspiring and inviting book, written in a tender and supportive tone. It goes beyond being educational – with its vivid explanation of the Whole Person coaching…real-life examples of what is possible with coaching, and with thought and dream provoking prompts at the end of each of the 9 chapters it is also an invitation for the reader to go within and see what it possible for them…for me – definitely a book that will be picked up regularly :)”
Manca Klinar

“I loved this book! I found it to come into my life at just the right time. Life took over, as it does for many people, and when I needed to get my Coaching Business back into alignment with me, I knew I could trust in Feroshia’s knowledge to assist in that process. The mindful information embedded in these pages is a wonderful tool not only for someone questioning whether or not they should begin a career in coaching but also for a beginner, intermediate and expert coach. Sometimes you need a resource to remind you of what your resources are and how to get there. The words on the pages were written in an inspiring, empowering and motivational way. Grateful for this book for really helping to get me back on the path!”
Seth Barker


You too can translate your skills, experience, and passions into a prosperous coaching career or business in just a few months.

Don’t wait until tomorrow when you can make an impactful life-change today. START TODAY.

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