Technicians repairing wind turbine using FACOM tools
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Industrial Solutions

With over a century of experience, FACOM is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality. Our industrial solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges of the industrial sector, providing you with the tools you need to tackle any task with confidence.

Technician working at height with FACOM tools

SLS Solutions

Working at Height: Eliminate Risks from Falling Tools

Every year falling tools cause thousands of accidents with consequences effecting both health and productivity. Tool solutions specifically suited to working in high places eliminate risks, avoid wasted time and improve productivity. In the nuclear sector, solutions for this type of risk are designated under the term FME (Foreign Material Exclusion).

FACOM Torque Control Universe

You are looking for a torque wrench or screwdriver, mechanical or electronic, a torque controller or accessories, FACOM offers a very wide range of solutions to address torque tightening problems.